Architect and Services Consultants


1- Initial Consultation: Architects meet with clients to understand their goals, requirements, and budget for the project. They discuss ideas, offer advice, and determine the feasibility of the project.

2- Site Analysis: Architects evaluate the site conditions, including topography, climate, surrounding structures, and legal restrictions. This analysis helps them understand how the building can integrate with the environment and comply with local regulations.

3- Conceptual Design: Architects develop initial design concepts, including sketches, drawings, and 3D models. These concepts reflect the client's vision and requirements while considering functional and aesthetic aspects of the project.

4- Design Development: Architects refine the initial concepts, incorporating more detailed elements such as materials, lighting, HVAC systems, and structural considerations. They may create construction drawings, technical specifications, and cost estimates.

5- Permitting and Approvals: Architects assist clients in obtaining the necessary permits and approvals from relevant authorities. They prepare and submit the required documentation, ensuring compliance with building codes and regulations.

6- Construction Documentation: Architects create detailed construction drawings and specifications that guide the builders during the construction phase. These documents include floor plans, elevations, sections, electrical layouts, plumbing details, and other necessary information.

7- Bidding and Contractor Selection: Architects help clients solicit bids from contractors and review the proposals. They may also provide recommendations on selecting the most suitable contractor for the project.

8- Construction Administration: During construction, architects provide on-site inspections to ensure the project is being executed according to the design intent and specifications. They address any issues that arise, review and approve changes, and coordinate with the construction team.

9- Post-Construction Evaluation: After completion, architects assess the project's performance, functionality, and user satisfaction. They may also provide post-occupancy evaluations and offer recommendations for future improvements.




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